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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Sally Brouwer - Mega Fit Mum & PT

08 October 2014 in Blog 10188 hits

Rise of the Mega-Fit Mums Sally Brouwer is the super fit, super busy mum of energetic five-year-old triplets who is…

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Fresh, Fun and Unrefined

21 October 2014 in Blog 7218 hits

The girls behind The Unrefined tell us what keeps them on track At Fitlink we love discovering new talent on…

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H20: Liquid gold for performance

27 October 2014 in Blog 10261 hits

We know water is good for us, but how much do we really need? "8 glasses a day" might not…

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Exclusive: Q&A with Cameron Diaz' PT - Teddy Bass

28 October 2014 in Blog 14871 hits

Teddy Bass Q&A: Cameron Diaz' Personal Trainer tells all to Fitlink A career in Personal Training can take you so…

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10 Tips from Instagram Star and Olympian - Amanda Bisk

03 November 2014 in Blog 14373 hits

This week we caught up with superstar Olympic pole-vaulter, yoga fanatic and fitness guru Amanda Bisk to learn how she…

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PT Business Tip - Going the Extra 1%

08 May 2015 in Blog 1175 hits

PT Business Tip   Going the extra 1% Setting yourself apart in the gym/fitness industry can be really easy to…

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What's Hot? - Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga

05 May 2015 in Blog 1030 hits

What's Hot? Your Trend Of The Month for May - Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Just when you think you’ve seen it…

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Student of the Month - May 2015 - Justin Webb

29 April 2015 in Blog 1056 hits

Student of the Month – Justin Webb  Congratulations to our student of the month for May, Justin Webb. Justin is…

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Get To Know Your Fitlink Team - Sophia Evangelou

28 April 2015 in Blog 1151 hits

Sophia Evangelou - Student Administrator Sophia is one of our long term team players and brings so much energy and…

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Five Weight Loss Myths Debunked

13 February 2015 in Blog 2513 hits

Today we feature a guest article from Gym and Fitness. What are your thoughts on these weight loss myths? Let…

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Anthony Zec - December Student of the Month

08 December 2014 in Blog 2439 hits

Congratulations, Anthony Zec! Studying a full time Uni degree is hard work... Congratulations to our latest Student of the Month…

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Stay Fit on Holidays

26 November 2014 in Blog 2225 hits

Congratulations on your holiday. Personal Training - overseas. You’ve deserved it! Say hello to cronuts, sizzling moroccan lamb, BBQ wings,…

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What's It Really Like To Be A PT?

25 November 2014 in Blog 2223 hits

This week we find out what it’s really like to be a Personal Trainer. We interviewed Queensland PT and former…

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The Pro's of Protein Shakes

21 November 2014 in Blog 6856 hits

It’s the favoured, flavoured drink of choice for gym junkies and dieters alike, but are protein shakes doing us any…

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5 Foods To Eat Every Day

20 November 2014 in Blog 10045 hits

Say YES to these foods everyday In a world of food no-no’s Fitlink brings you a list of ‘YES’ foods…

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